Portable welder  GWorkx 35078 110V
Portable welder  GWorkx 35078 110V

Portable welder GWorkx 35078 110V

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160 amp  110 V

plastic handle, switch, current adjuster

wire electrode holder, power adapter,

temperature sensor to cut operating

100% copper wire, duty cycle 10%

includes: wire clip on earth, wire clip on electrode

3 months limited warranty

Stick welder- great for general fabricating, maintenance and repair welding.

E6010- this electrode is used for positions using DCRP. It produces a deep penetrating weld and works well on dirty, rusted or painted material.

E6011-same characteristics as E6010, but can be used with AC & DC currents.

E6013- can be used with AC and DC currents, produces a medium penetrating weld with a superior bead appearance. General all purpose electrode.

E7018- A low hydrogen electrode, can be used with AC or DC , produces a weld of X ray quality with medium penetration. This electrode must be kept dry.

70- represents 70,000 lb per sq inch

1- represents all welding positions. (2) represents horizontal and flat positions only.

8- type of coating-iron powder low hydrogen AC or DC