Septic tank 750 G Rotoplastic
Septic tank 750 G Rotoplastic

Septic tank 750 G Rotoplastic

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10 year Manufacturer's Guarantee.

All RHINO Septic Tanks are manufactured from Prime Grade Linear Polyethylene and are guaranteed to last a lifetime, resistant to impact and cracking, heavily ribbed for added rigidity and strength, resistant to most chemicals and compounds, lightweight and compact and environmentally friendly.

Maximum number of users: 10

Unit size: 92" x 52" x 63"

Weight : 210 lbs

Installation Guideline 750G The minimum backfill at the top should be 6” and the maximum 30” bedding should be well compacted with a sand and gravel mixture with a minimum depth of 10”

  1. Ensure that the tank is in a level, vertical position and that the ports
    Marked “in” and “out” are in their correct positions.
  1. Before backfilling, pump water into the tank to just below the “outlet”
  1. Backfill to a minimum of 18” thickness. The backfill material must be
    Sand or well rounded aggregate of up to ½” in diameter, and free from large stones or sharp objects. Ram down around the tank.
  1. Backfill cover should not exceed 30”
  2. Upon pumping the tank for routine maintenance, the tank should be
    refilled immediately. The septic tank may collapse if left empty underground..