Penta Zinc Chromate Metal Primer QD Grey Gallon

Penta Zinc Chromate Metal Primer QD Grey Gallon


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This is a one component oxidatively drying alkyd coating. It is a fast drying, high build, zinc phosphate pigmented product. Can be used as primer or mid coat in atmospheric environments. Suitable for properly prepared carbon steel, aluminium and wooden substrates.

Surface preparation:

  1. New iron and steel sheets: Remove oil, grease, dirt, rust, mill scale by solvent wiping, scraping, wire brushing and abrading.
  2. New aluminium and galvanised iron: Abrade and remove any white rust then solvent priming pre-treat with Penta Etch primer. 
  3. Previously Painted: Remove all loose, flaking, peeling and semi-adherent paint. Then remove any exposed metal areas as above.


  • Ensure the contents of the can are thoroughly stirred.Brush and roller application may require some slight thinning. Spray requires thinning as necessary.
  • Apply one or two coats to all bare and pretreated metal areas.


  • Touch dry in less than one hour. Allow overnight drying after each coat before overcoating.


  • 8-11 sq meters per litre or 350 to 450 sq ft per US gallon


  • Penta thinner 41 for thinning and cleaning.

Available Colours - Red, Grey and Yellow