Penta Roofing Compound Gallon (Green)

Penta Roofing Compound Gallon (Green)


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Penta Roofing Compound is an elastomeric, one pack material which provides excellent water resistance when applied as recommended over bricks, concrete, wood galvanised iron, aluminium, zinc, bitumen and most other roofing substrates.

Drying: Touch dry 20-30 minutes. Re-coat 120-180 minutes.

Thinner: Clean water-for thinning 1st coat only, and to clean equipment. Do not thin 2nd and third application.


1. By long, soft bristle brushes, roller or airless spray.

2. The first coat should be thinned 4 parts Roof compound to one part water.

3. The second and third coat are to be applied without thinning.

4. Apply the last coat at right angles (in a cross direction) to the previous coat.

Note: Do not apply Roofing Compound if rain can be expected during the first stage of the drying period. Because of the rapid increase in humidity during late evening, painting should not continue after 2-3 p.m.