Penta Zinc Chromate Metal Primer Gallon (Assorted Colours)

Penta Zinc Chromate Metal Primer Gallon (Assorted Colours)


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A general purpose primer for use over metal surfaces when surface preparation is done manually. It has good anticorrosive properties.

Surface preparation:

  1. New iron and steel sheets: Remove oil, grease, dirt, rust, mill scale by solvent wiping, scraping, wire brushing and abrading.
  2. New aluminium and galvanised iron: Abrade and remove any white rust then solvent priming pre-treat with Penta Etch primer. 
  3. Previously Painted: Remove all loose, flaking, peeling and semi-adherent paint. Then remove any exposed metal areas as above.


  • Ensure the contents of the can are thoroughly stirred.Brush and roller application may require some slight thinning. Spray requires thinning as necessary.
  • Apply one or two coats to all bare and pretreated metal areas.


  • Touch dry in two hours. Allow overnight drying after each coat before overcoating.


  • 8-11 sq meters per litre or 350 to 450 sq ft per US gallon


  • Penta thinner 41 for thinning and cleaning.

Available Colours - Red, Grey and Yellow