Kaleidoscope Etching Primer Litre

Kaleidoscope Etching Primer Litre


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An Anticorrosive acid catalysed pretreatment for new steel, Aluminium and galvanise which provides a good base for subsequent coats of paint.

Surface Preparation:

Remove dirt and grease by wiping with rags soaked with a degreasing solution.


Apply a light coat by brush or spray. If necessary, dilute with up to 470 ml of Kaleidoscope 2007 thinners per gallon. Apply one coat of Zinc chromate primer. Follow with two coats of Gloss paint or Industrial enamel paint.

Coverage: 24-33 sq meters per gallon.

Drying: Tack free in 15 minutes. Recoat after one hour @ 25 degrees C.