Gypsum Joint Compound 5 Gallon 28 Kg

Gypsum Joint Compound 5 Gallon 28 Kg

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For finishing gypsum board joints, and to repair cracks and holes in plaster and gypsum board.

Keep out of the reach of children.

The minimum working temperature should be above 50 degrees F (10 degrees C).

One gallon will cover 3 m sq., on applying three coatings.

Joint Compound Composition

In addition to the large drywall panels, a wall system also depends on the joint compound, or mud, that covers the tape sealing the joints between panels. Because this compound dries to a finish that looks very much like gypsum, it's often assumed that joint compound is a liquified gypsum material. It is not. Instead, the composition of drywall mud includes:

  • Calcium carbonate: Otherwise known as ground limestone, this is the main mineral in drywall mud. 
  • Talcum: Ultra-fine talcum powder is what makes sanding drywall joints such an unpleasant chore. This ultra-fine mineral, familiar in baby powder, is used in a joint compound because its plate-shaped particles lie flat and resist cracking. Talc is the element that helps your mud sand down as smooth as glass. Between 5 percent and 15 percent of joint compound, by volume, is made up of talc.