Goulds ½ HP water pump Model BFO35 Balanced Flow

Goulds ½ HP water pump Model BFO35 Balanced Flow


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 Delivering Superior Value.

115V/230 V     (prewired for 115 V)
One year limited warranty.

outlet 1 1/4"

Stainless Steel impeller

Built in the USA

Specifically designed for:



Booster service

Design has an integral shallow well adapter built into the casing, which eliminates the need for a separate shallow well adapter.

Back pullout design allows disassembly of pump for service without disturbing piping. Two compartment motor for easy access to motor wiring and replaceable components. Nozzle clean out plug in pump case. Corrosion resistant, engineered plastic tubing and fittings are easily removed for cleaning. Premium O-ring design fittings need only be hand tight to seal.

F.D.A. compliant, glass filled Noryl_ is corrosion and abrasion resistant.

Diffuser (Guidevane)
Bolt down diffuser provides positive alignment with impeller. Diffuser has stainless wear ring for extended performance in abrasive conditions. F.D.A. compliant, injection molded, food grade, glass filled Lexan_ for durability and abrasion resistance.

Tubing and Fittings
F.D.A. compliant engineered plastic is corrosion and U.V. resistant.

Powered for Continuous Operation
Pump ratings are within the motor manufacturer's recommended working limits. Can be operated continuously without damage.

Corrosion Resistant
Electro-coat paint process is applied inside and out, then baked on.

Protected Mechanical Seal
Special diaphragm design retains water in the casing at all times to ensure the mechanical seal can never run dry.

Excellent Air Handling Ability
After initial priming the pump has the ability to re-prime itself even when air gets into the system. Pumping resumes once the water level rises above the foot valve.

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