Flat steel 4" x 3/8" 6M
Flat steel 4" x 3/8" 6M

Flat steel 4" x 3/8" 6M

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Flat steel, refers to the steel  which  wide 12-300mm,  thick 3-60mm,the rectangular section and with slightly blunt edge .

Flat steel can be direct use as  finished steel, but also can be use as     metal self-finished material for welded pipe and  laminated sheet.  Application: The flat steel can be used to make hoop iron, tools and machinery parts,or as a building structure, escalator.

Flat steel can be customized according to user needs, fixed thickness, fixed width, fixed length production, for users to save cutting, and reduce processing flow,  it not only help customer save the consumption of labor, materials, but also reduce the processing loss of raw materials,  time saving, labor saving, material saving. Products have been specialized in steel structure manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, automotive industry, mining machinery, lifting machinery and other industries.

. Flat steel according to its shape is divided into two kinds: flat spring flat steel and single double slot spring flat steel.

 Hot rolled spring flat steel is mainly used for manufacturing automobile, tractor, railway transportation and other machinery leaf spring.