Cement ECO (TCL) 94 lb

Cement ECO (TCL) 94 lb


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Blended Hydraulic cement for General use.

Fresh from TCL Factory at Claxton Bay, Trinidad.

20% less CO 2 emissions.

Concrete will support in compression,10,000 lb /sq inch. The tensile strength of concrete is much lower, but by using properly designed steel reinforcing structural members can be made as strong in tension as in compression. The strength of just poured concrete may be about 1000 lb /sq inch after drying for one day, 4500 lb/sq inch after drying for 7 days. 6000lb /sq inch in 28 days and 8,500 lb/sq inch after 5 years.A 1:2:3 mixture consists of one part by volume of cement, two parts of sand and three parts of coarse aggregate. The amount of water added to these mixture is about 1 to 1.5 the volume of the cement. For high strength concrete, the water content is kept low. Concrete used in most construction works is reinforced with steel. A bond forms between the steel and the concrete, and stresses can be transferred between the components.[Tensile strength: resistance to rupture under tension, breaking strength. For example, earthquake vibrations.]