BRC wire 16 x 8' x 6mm (A142)
BRC wire 16 x 8' x 6mm (A142)

BRC wire 16 x 8' x 6mm (A142)

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BRC is named after the first company to manufacture reinforcement wire for the construction industry- British Reinforcement Company.

A142 2.4m x 4.8m (Standard Size) Reinforcement Mesh Fabric

A142 mesh is often used in light duty domestic concreting in floor slabs and foundations with a thickness or depth of 100mm. The most common uses for A142 mesh is pathways, driveways and garage bases (depending on the vehicle size and traffic levels).

6mm wires are spaced to create 200mm apertures, and each standard size sheet weighs approximately 24.4Kgs. Merchant size or bespoke sizes available.

We maintain high stock levels of all concrete reinforcement mesh and can provide priority delivery to your home, site, or premises if required.

Positioning of the mesh fabric within a slab is vital. So using plastic gripper grade plate spacers, or other steel or concrete positioning structures is imperative. When using multiple sheets over a large area, ensure that all sheets overlap by at least 600mm, and are tied together using recommended methods.