1/2" High tensile steel rods

9.5mm (3/8") High Tensile steel rods -one (1) length

Yee Ken Hardware

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reinforcing deformed steel bars

ASTM A615 GR 60


Number of pieces per bundle 295 (Price for one length $26.64 VI)

Quality: ASTM A615 GR60

Made in Turkiye

High tensile steels are special constructional steels which develop high yield, tensile and fatigue strengths, as well as excellent toughness when subjected to a quenching and tempering. (Supplied in the hardened and tempered condition.)

The main criteria governing material choice are obtainable strength and toughness as a function of cross section, and the full quenching and tempering properties. i.e. uniformity of mechanical properties over the full cross section.

The strength level is largely determined by the carbon content, whereas toughness, capability of being fully quenched and tempered, and the ratio of yield strength to tensile depend on the alloy content.

High tensile steel bars have ribs on the surface and this increases the bond strength by at least 40%.

Tensile strength 58,000-80,000 lbs /inch2  or 400-500 N/mm2